About Alyssa Giannini

Alyssa Giannini* is a Lancaster, PA native living in Olympia, Washington. Their art delves into themes of DIY music and ethics, human connection, crushes, introspection, mental health, nature and nostalgia. They only work day jobs with silly names. When they're not at work you can find them tending to plants, knee-deep in some sort of creative pursuit, co-organizing the Olympia Zine Fest or making dad jokes behind the lens of their camera at the local matinee punk gig. They also maintain DoDIY.org, which hosts an international catalog of DIY venues and organizers, plus lots of other rad stuff.

*Pronounced Uh-liss-uh Jee-uh-knee-knee. You're welcome.

Other web dwellings:
Craft or DIY - Etsy / IG / website 
Society6 & Redbubble
Flickr - My life in photos
Tender Perennial - Music I make
burndowntheinternet [at] gmail

Zines/publications I've contributed to:
Third Point Press #1
Letters From Bummer Camp Volume 2
Mad Dog #1
Appalachian Monsters #3
The Miscreant Issue #52
Third Point Press #3
Minimum Rock 'n Roll #3, #7, #8

Zine libraries that carry my zines: 
Olympia Timberland Library in Olympia, WA
OZF's Little Zine Library in Olympia, WA (R.I.P.)
London College of Fashion Library in London, England
New Paltz Zine Library in NY

Buy my zines in real life!:
Gallery Boom (520 Adams SE, Olympia, WA)
Quimby’s Bookstore (Chicago, IL)
Type Slowly (Kingston Upon Hull, East Yorkshire, England)

Distros that carry my zines sometimes: 
Antiquated Future
Sweet Candy Distro & Press
Letters From Bummer Camp Press & Distro
Alrededor De La Luna


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