If you are considering commissioning me to make you something, here are some things you should know:

  • I wanna keep it punk, so I will happily work on a sliding scale, within your budget.

  • I really like to be credited for my work, and I would really prefer you didn't alter my work. I like to link to the bands and orgs I make art for, and it'd be cool if you could do the same for me. Reciprocity and respect are cool, y'all, I promise!

  • Some things you can commission me to make include: pet portraits, human portraits, cassette j-cards/album art, t-shirt art, button or sticker designs, tour posters, gig flyers, greeting cards, website banners, basic embroidery, hand-bound sketchbooks, etc! I can also do web maintenance, format things for printing or web, and make custom wholesale 1" buttons (more info below).

  • I can only make you something cool if you tell me/show me what you think is cool. Please come to me with an idea.* I work best with reference photos and info to go off of. It's helpful if you're as specific as possible- as in, "Can you draw me roses?" as opposed to "Can you draw me a flower?" I can't conceptualize an idea for you unless you want to pay me a more legit hourly fee.
    *Gig flyers are the only exception to this rule, and they're free. Just ask.

My process usually goes as follows: you give me a run-down of your idea, we figure out a price, I sketch some things out and check in with you to make sure I am headed in the right direction before anything gets inked. This is easiest when you are willing to communicate and give me feedback, because it's easier to fix a sketch than pen. I will send you the finished product and fix any little things that need fixed at that point, then you can pay me through whatever method is easiest for you.

I did my best to represent my drawing strengths and style through the work showcased on this site. Though most things I draw don't include color, I can color drawings in Photoshop, and sometimes with watercolor.

Feel free to contact me with questions or for more details about anything above, via the form at the bottom of this page!

Commission details

Custom wholesale buttons

If you're looking for buttons for your band or organization, I offer wholesale 1" pin-back buttons. I can press your buttons with a design you provide, or I can design your idea for a small fee (but you have to have an idea for me). My prices below are flexible.

Image requirements: 1" buttons are small, bold designs with big text and a square aspect ratio work best. I accept large, good resolution images in JPG, PNG, TIFF, PSD, etc. Small text will not be legible (but I can still print it if you really want me to). If you’re not sure if your image works, I can peep it and let you know.

Turn around time: 1 week + shipping time (3-5 days). Turn around may vary slightly depending on volume of orders. Let me know what date you need them to arrive by, and I will make it happen (within reason).

I accept various forms of payment (paypal, venmo, check, as well as cash in person for local orders). Payment is appreciated at the time your order is placed, unless it's a local order being paid for in cash upon delivery.

buttons for  tough boy , designed by me.

buttons for tough boy, designed by me.

20 buttons, design provided: $10
20 buttons, custom design creation: $18
50 buttons, design provided: $20
50 buttons, custom design creation: $28
100 buttons, design provided: $40
100 buttons, custom design creation: $48
150 buttons, design provided: $60
150 buttons, custom design creation: $68

Shipping is additional to prices in chart. $5 domestic arrives in 3-5 days from ship date, $7.20 priority domestic 2-3 days, international will vary dramatically.

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Pet portraits

A 5x7 original drawing of your pet on heavy watercolor paper, $60. Includes a high resolution digital scan as well.

Send me a clear, decent photo or your pet (or send a few photos and specify which one features the pose you'd like me to draw).

The finished product can be just ink (black & white line drawing) or watercolor. There will be a circle in the background, with either the color or flowers of your choice. I'd like to keep with this theme but would be open to hearing out small modifications. Turn around time is generally 1 week, but may vary due to volume of orders. Ships in a plastic sleeve inside of a rigid mailer, costs around $3.50 domestic, takes 3-5 days to ship.

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